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Peace with Love
Love brids(yuan yang)swim happily under cherry blossoms symbolizing peace and contentment in a loving relationship.
Panda and Bamboo

Panda is a symbol of good luck and wealth.They are among the rarest mammals in the world. Favored worldwide for its unlque appearence and gentle disposition. It is considered a living treasure.

Bamboo is Panca's exclusive food and is the embodiment of positive symbolism, such as,long life and good health.This two skillfully crafted on this piece of valuable jewelry represent a fine combination for life.
The Butterfly

Graceful, Dellcate,Gentle and glorious in Radlant colors,Butterflies are admired and treasured around the globe.

Known also for strength and a wonderous transformation,the butterfly emerges from a sheltered beginning

The femenine nature is embodied perfectly in the mysterious beauty of the butterfly. Why not make it your own?

Beauty and Good Luck
Graceful and lovely peacocks promise good luck while the Chrsanthemum blossom offers beauty.This is a positive combination.
Enchanted Sea
Abundant life fills the sea;joyous sounds of play and love.You can embrace these cherished gifts.
Hawaii Aloha

Experience the flavor of Hawaii; The sound of music ,the flow of dance, the beauty and fragrance of flowers.

Flowers to you from Hawaii

Hi bisqus - Blossom All Year

Bird of Paradise - May ~ Decevber

King Protea - December ~ March

Sunbeam - November ~ May

Plumeria flower - Blossom All Year

Orchids - Blossom All Year

Anthurium - March ~ November

Ginger - April ~ December

Olena curcuma - April ~ November

Queen Protea - Jarurary ~ February

Mint Julep - August~ October

Heliconia collinsiana May~July