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Beauty with integrity inspires collectors and connoisseurs worldwide. Mr. Po Sun Hon has introduced jewelry of heirloom quality to be treasured for generations.

Each creation is designed by Mr. Po Sun Hon himself and exhibits an intriguing combination of traditional motifs with contemporary flair. Finest craftsmanship without compromise distinguishes Po Sun Hon jewelry from all others in the market today.

Close scrutiny enhances ones appreciation for the careful attention to detail, the flowing and comfortable designs, the precise hand engraving and flawless finishing techniques, in either 14 or 18 karat gold.

Such creations are accomplished by our team of highly experienced artisans. Consider for a moment, each bangle style bracelet requires seven to ten different artisans with specialized skills and 50 and over 100 hours to complete(length of time varies depending on the complexity of the design.) Such accomplishments are from a nearly lost era of artistry.
Your choice of design can be highly personal. A motif with special meaning for the person or the occasion, a cherished gift to a loved one or the memento of a lifetime for yourself.

Any one of Po Sun Hon's intricate and appealing designs will bring the wearer years of pleasure and personal pride of ownership.